Reducing shift turnaround using tracking technology in underground mining.


Can any underground mining company honestly say that their shift change process is as efficient as it can be?

Didn’t think so.

In most instances, a shift changeover is planned to take between 15-30 minutes. In reality, this handover, measured to the point where operators are on the tools, can often extend to over 45 minutes and even up to 2 hours in extreme cases where “the guys are just trying to locate the gear”.

Underground asset tracking technology has come a long way in recent years and now provides both productivity gains and safety benefits to the company and the individual.
A new reality can present in many guises; think of a time when an operator knows exactly where his/her equipment is even before they sit down for pre-start.

Minetec makes this a reality through its tailored, sub metre accurate, tracking and data communications system; TRAX. Minetec’s global client base now enjoy significantly shorter shift handovers, reductions in pre shift radio chatter as well as reduced traffic congestion at the portal and on the decline. All this makes for easy captured productivity gains and increases to the sites utilisation of availability, the only real leveler.

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