Minetec secures contract with Boliden, located in Sweden, for non-GPS reliant, surface mining Proximity Detection System.

Image Source –Boliden Group: https://www.boliden.com/operations/mines/boliden-kevitsa/#


Western Australian based Minetec is a member of ASX-listed Codan group of companies, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia – Codan has a global footprint.

Boliden produces metals that make modern life work and are an industry leader in the sphere of sustainable metals production and a dominant player in the recycling of scrap metals. Boliden has 5,700 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Ireland and a turnover of SEK 50bn (AUD $7.7bn). Boliden operations include the world’s most efficient open-pit copper mine as well as the biggest zinc mine in Europe.

Minetec’s Proximity Detection solution SafeDetect will be first deployed at the Boliden Kevitsa Mine in northern Finland: other site deployments will follow.

According to Alan Fenelon, Minetec VP Commercial and Client Support, securing the Boliden work is of major significance and the mining world should sit up and take notice.

“This client evaluated Minetec against household names in the business, the GPS based solutions which all miners know, and we were taken through our paces. Not only did we excel in the performance trials, but also in terms of total cost of ownership.”

“Additionally and perhaps of more significance, Minetec traditionally felt the key value of our solution was the ability for a single system to coexist above and below ground and this is absolutely valid. Minetec remains the world’s only vendor capable of providing this. Yet this client saw enough value in the ‘surface only’ application to make a selection. This speaks volumes” he added.

In surface mining, almost all safety solutions utilise a GPS centric tracking system but there can be drawbacks; blind spots, poor depth perception and faster moving vehicles are just some examples. These individual instances effectively compromise the entire system. As a result, many miners are specifically seeking a solution not reliant upon GPS.

Minetec is unique in terms of the technology underpinning its solution compared to other vendors. The SafeDetect system is a peer to peer, off network solution that uses Wi-Fi ranging technology, known as WASP (wireless ad hoc system for positioning).

Additionally, the SafeDetect system is non-intrusive and rapidly installs onto any heavy or light vehicle, both contractor and owner operated, autonomous or manned. It is machine agnostic. More importantly, it detects on foot personnel.

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