Caterpillar and Minetec target Safety, Productivity and Maintenance in first iteration of Minestar collaboration


Caterpillar and Minetec will target Safety, Productivity and Maintenance in the first iteration of the combined Minestar offering.

Speaking to the underground mining community, Caterpillar’s Commercial Manager Randy Schoepke explained that MineStar will grow to better support underground mines in the three areas:

  1. Safety.

    The underground safety products currently offered as part of MineStar will be expanded to enable zone-based tracking of all personnel and machines as well as localized awareness per machine to prevent interactions. Offerings include proximity awareness, personnel detection and collision avoidance.

  2. Productivity.

    This collaboration will significantly grow MineStar technology offerings that impact productivity. Through real-time visualization of operations, mine management will have access to data that allows them to make in-cycle modifications and eliminate bottlenecks that impact production results.

  3. Maintenance.

    Increased access to information will also be a key benefit for the maintenance organization, helping mines move from reactionary to predictive equipment maintenance. Offerings will include machine health, analytics, remote condition monitoring, maintenance scheduling and real-time events recording. Data will be accessible to reporting tools and customized to meet individual site needs.

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