Our Support

At Minetec, we are serious about supporting every customer’s investment in our mining technologies. Put simply, we offer Support Plans which are designed to help  customers enjoy the benefits of their investment, long after the implementation project has been completed. As you would expect each of our Support Plans ensures guaranteed availability of Minetec’s materials and staff. The real value of these Plans is created and delivered with our proactive approach and value added services, aimed entirely at ensuring that Minetec’s system is able to continually perform at its optimum.

The key objectives of our Support Plans are to deliver:

  • Optimal Performance: able to realise the benefits of the investment in the system;
  • Maximise Service Availability: is available for continuous use;
  • Maximise Grade of Service: delivers the quality of service expected when used and,
  • Change Management: ongoing support for on-site subject matter experts and ‘agents of change’.

Minetec’s mining  systems are integral to the safe operation and productivity at customer sites. Each system uses a combination of Minetec’s mining products and other vendors, collectively configured to form a complete system. Subtly variations can occur to discrete components of a system. These variations can be identified and components adjusted in a planned manner before degradation of a service occurs. Should discrete components suffer early life failure and or be damaged in situ you can be confident Minetec will restore the service in accordance with the Support Plan response time.

Minetec frequently improves and updates its mining software, firmware and hardware in order to enhance functionality and/or performance of individual products and systems. As part of our Support Plan customers will benefit from the investments Minetec makes into the product research and development. Updates will be communicated as part of the Change Management Service to enable customers to make informed decisions on the benefits of updating and when to update.

Lastly Minetec didn’t invent these Support Plans, we simply adopted and structured our support values around the ITIL® IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. ITIL® is regarded as one of the most common ITSM standards adopted by many customers throughout the world.

Each of our Support Plans can consist of:

  • Service Desk (Helpdesk);
  • Incident Management Services (Break Fix);
  • Problem Management Services (Recurring Issues);
  • Change Management Services (System changes);
  • Service Requests Services (Adds, Moves and Changes);
  • Preventative Maintenance Services;
  • Software Assurance Services;
  • Configuration Management Services;
  • Network Management Services;
  • Spectrum Management Services;
  • Asset Management Services;
  • Training Services; and
  • Reporting Services.