SMARTS™ is an advanced suite of software applications for real-time mine operation, management, tasking and reporting.

The Minetec SMARTS system brings an entirely new level of productivity to underground mining operations, with its 3D graphics and reporting capability, dynamic scheduling of real-time events, dispatch, dynamic in-shift management and easy-to-import mine planning formats.

SMARTS modules address the mining cycles for literally any mining method and associated scenarios. The core of the SMARTS system is an optimisation engine that interfaces to the TRAX™ system as well as a unique scheduling and simulation interface. The efficiencies that derived from a SMARTS implementation result in a more accurate alignment between planned and actual scenarios, providing real time data from the face of the mine.

SMARTS provides a collection of intelligent software modules which can be utilised either independently or as an integrated mine management and control solution to give un-paralleled visualisation, control and optimization capabilities including:

  • Resource shift schedule planning across complex multiple heading rapid developments,
  • User or machine based physicals capture for production management and reporting,
  • Interactive real-time shift optimisation based on simulation using actual machine and location data,
  • Concurrent parallel simulations for comparative analysis of scenarios for bottleneck scheduling,
  • Full integration with the TRAX for real-time machine and vehicle movement monitoring and status,
  • Web based interface provides system control from any location.

By automating tasks that are typically handled manually, SMARTS enhances efficiency, increases safety, reduces costs, and improves work quality in mining operations.

For more information view our brochure: SMARTS brochure