Minetec’s productivity solution for mining operations is powered by our software suite, SMARTS™ and its underlying WASP platform.

Productivity SMARTSEvery mining operation requires the development of a long-term plan, short-term plan and, ultimately, a single shift plan in order to attain the long-term planning objectives. With Minetec’s SMARTS system, mines can achieve such planning outcomes by conducting shift simulations and developing a shift schedule, which can be delivered to the shift manager at the mine face.

Using the solution’s real time, reliable communications, the controller on the surface can see what the shift manager sees and monitor the shift as it happens. Should an incident threaten the schedule (such as a machine or other equipment failure), the controller will know about it immediately and can act accordingly.

SMARTS unique real-time communication and decision making enables cost decreases and productivity improvements for the mine operator. It improves how a mine reconciles ‘in-shift planned to actual’ and, with continued use, narrows this gap.