Ethernet over Leaky Feeder

ELF™ – a critical solution for high bandwidth Ethernet and IP communications in underground mining environments.

ELF™ offers a flexible, robust method of delivering high bandwidth voice and data (Ethernet) communications into an underground mining environment. By delivering data over standard leaky feeder, ELF™ can be cost effectively added to an existing mine site or rolled out as a new deployment as part of the two-way radio installation.

In the constantly changing environment of underground mining operations, it is vital that there is a reliable network of wireless data, voice and video communications for equipment operation, safety compliance and production. Using ELF™ infrastructure in underground mining operations provides Ethernet based communications in situations where incrementally installing CAT5 or fibre based communications is too fragile, too expensive and highly time consuming.

ELF system diagram

Key features:

  • high speed data, voice & Ethernet 60Mbs;
  • remote network management (SNMP diagnostic / monitoring);
  • FM radio re-broadcast underground;
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable;
  • auxiliary power out;
  • backwards compatible with ELF;
  • fully ruggedized: designed for harsh underground conditions;
  • rapid installation and maintenance;
  • cost effective & scalable.

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