2-Way Radio

Minetec is able to deliver a comprehensive suite of 2-way radio systems designed specifically for the environment they will be operating in, whether it’s a system for an open pit or an underground mine site. A full range of analogue and digital radio systems can be designed, supplied, installed and maintained by the Minetec team.

At Minetec we pride ourselves on being an independent supplier, aligning ourselves with multiple vendors across different radio technologies and offering a wide range of options. For new installations we recommend digital radio, as this technology offers excellent channel efficiency, new and innovative features, and excellent audio quality in low signal strength areas. Digital radio also more readily complies with regulatory requirements for efficient spectrum utilisation.

We can also help with a cost effective migration plan from analogue to digital, enhancing user functionality and directly benefiting mission critical communications.

Contact our team to discuss your requirements, so we can help you choose the technology that best suits your needs.