CommunicationsIn order to conduct mine operation effectively and safely, adequate information must flow seamlessly between operators, machinery, dispatch and mine management. With surface mining operations spanning thousands of kilometres and underground mining operations operating over hundreds of kilometres of decline, a robust, purpose built communications infrastructure is essential to efficiently run a mining operation.

With over a hundred years of combined mining experience Minetec can offer purpose build, reliable and future proofed communications infrastructure to support any open-pit mining or underground mining data requirements. Whether in the form of a simple two-way radio system or an entire mine distributed data network, Minetec can offer a purpose built, engineered, reliable solution using a combination of commercial off the shelf products and, when there is a gap in requirement, our own purpose built solutions.

Specific to the difficulties and challenges of the underground mining, Minetec has developed its own Ethernet-over-Leaky Feeder (ELF™) system.